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21/12/2010 Panasonic Malaysia Debuts the World’s Smallest and Lightest… LUMIX DMC-GF2 with Miss Tourism International 2010
21/12/2010 World’s Smallest and Lightest Digital Interchangeable Lens System Camera
21/12/2010 The Touch-Control Creative HD Hybrid Digital Camera DMC-GH2
09/12/2010 New Panasonic Air-Conditioners Set Eco Standards
03/12/2010 Panasonic Debuts ‘EVOLTA’ Dry-Cell Batteries
26/10/2010 Panasonic Malaysia Introduces Six New Microwave Ovens
to Complement Acclaimed Microwave Line Up
21/09/2010 Panasonic Debuts Integrated Document Solutions
for Home and Small Offices
02/09/2010 Panasonic Sets the Benchmark for Depth and Realism
with the New VIERA 3D FULL HD Plasma TV
02/09/2010 Panasonic Introduces World’s First1 3D Consumer Camcorder
02/09/2010 Panasonic Total 3D Solutions Product Fact Sheet
06/07/2010 Panasonic Projector ‘Go for Pure Projection’

Panasonic Introduce Eco Drive Front Loading Tilted
Drum 3D Sensor Washing Machine

22/06/2010 Panasonic Introduces IP PBX Application Solutions
25/03/2010 Skype & Panasonic Announced .. Skype Software to VIEARA TVs
25/03/2010 Panasonic and RealD Announce Alliance on 3D Technologies
25/03/2010 Panasonic New 2010 Line-Up of VIERA perspective...
25/03/2010 Panasonic Introduces Full HD 3D ..Award Winning Line of VIERA
25/03/2010 Panasonic VIERA TV Line-up for 2010
25/03/2010 Panasonic Brings Home Cinema ... 3D HD.. Caravan Roadshows
03/02/2010 Panasonic introduced Fashion Movie Cameras in the new Lumix
03/02/2010 4x ..Entry Stylish Digital Cameras 12.1-Megapixel DMC-F3 ...F2
03/02/2010 28mm Wide-Angle.. 14.1-Megapixel DMC-FH3...12.1-Megapixel
03/02/2010 28mm Wide-Angle...14.1-Megapixel LUMIX DMC-FH22/FH20
03/02/2010 Ultra-Flat, Lean Design Stylish Digital Camera DMC FP3
03/02/2010 Rugged Design ... Hybrid Tough Digital Camera DMC FT2
03/02/2010 The Ultimate Slim and Stylish Camera DMC-FX68
03/02/2010 Compact Camcorders with a 33mm* Wide-Angle, 78x Ultra Zoom
03/02/2010 Capture It All -- from 35.7mm* Wide-Angle Shots to 35x Zooming
03/02/2010 New 64 GB* and 48 GB* SDXC SDXC Memory Cards
03/02/2010 The Photo/Movie Hybrid ...Compact Digital Camera DMC-TZ10
03/02/2010 Super Compact Versatile Camera DMC-ZR3

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